About LBT

About LBT Inc.

LBT History

LBT, Inc. was founded in early 1994 and opened for business in April, 1994. Prior to this, the LBT facility was owned and operated by a leading North American trailer manufacturer, building a variety of liquid tank trailers, dry bulk pneumatic trailers, dump trailers and some specialty products. LBT quickly began producing high quality liquid and dry bulk trailers for the North American trailer market.

The Remcor Group, the parent company of LBT, Inc., is a Canadian based group of companies that has a successful history manufacturing tank trailers. When Remcor acquired LBT, Inc. it complimented two existing tank manufacturers already under the Remcor umbrella; Remtec Inc. located in Chambly, Quebec and Columbia Remtec Inc. located in Surrey, British Columbia.

Remtec manufactures primarily aluminum petroleum trailers and aluminum asphalt trailers, serving the Central and Western Canadian markets. Remtec also manufactures stainless steel and aluminum aircraft refuelers for the United States Military and has been part of the Remcor Group since 1979.

Columbia Remtec manufactures primarily aluminum petroleum and crude oil tank trailers for the Western Canadian market as well as some specialty trailers. Columbia Remtec has been a part of Remcor since 1984.

In 1996, the Remcor Group acquired 50% of Almac Tank International, Inc. Located in Lanoraie, Quebec, Almac is a leading manufacturer of aluminum truck mounted heating oil and petroleum tanks as well as aluminum aircraft refuelers. Almac markets throughout Eastern Canada and Eastern and Midwestern United States.

In 1996, the Remcor Group acquired Hesse, Inc. of Kansas City, Missouri, a well-known manufacturer of beverage bodies and beverage trailers. With this acquisition came the Parco Hesse Corporation, a Canadian affiliate located in Granby, Quebec and Hesse Europe located in Dobczyce, Poland.

In 1997, Remcor added another tank manufacturing facility with the purchase of LBT Stainless, Inc. in Manning, South Carolina. Prior to this acquisition, the LBT Stainless facility was owned and operated by a leading Canadian tank manufacturer and produced stainless steel tank trailers for the North American chemical and food grade markets. The product offerings from the Manning facility were expanded to include aluminum and carbon steel asphalt trailers and aluminum renewable fuels trailers. In January, 2007, LBT Stainless was merged with LBT, Inc. In July, 2009, the Manning product lines were transferred to the Omaha facility.

In September, 2019, the Platinum Tank Group was established to act as the Marketing and Sales umbrella entity for the four wholly owned affiliates. Each affiliate continues to manufacture and deliver products under their well established and recognized names. The Platinum Tank Group presents a unified, visible Corporate theme and projects a strong brand image for future recognition and growth.

In November, 2021, the Platinum Tank Group added a fifth manufacturing facility in Pikeville, Kentucky. Named Appalachian Tank, this facility manufactures aluminum truck tank and refueler bodies and compliments our other affiliates.

Today, LBT, Inc. produces aluminum and carbon steel dry bulk trailers, aluminum petroleum trailers, aluminum and carbon steel asphalt trailers and carbon steel storage units at its facility in Omaha, Nebraska. As part of the Platinum Tank Group, LBT, Inc. proudly supplies the North American trailer market with proven trailers built to the utmost quality standards by our highly skilled craftsmen.

Pre-LBT History

Prior to the founding of LBT, Inc., the Omaha, Nebraska manufacturing facility was owned and operated by the Fruehauf Trailer Corporation as part of its Liquid and Bulk Tank Division. Fruehauf manufactured high quality tank, dry bulk trailers and specialty trailers at the facility for 29 years (1966 to 1994). Prior to 1966, Fruehauf manufactured tank trailers for 11 years (1956 to 1966) at other locations in Omaha, having purchased the business from Independent Metal Products. Independent Metal Products manufactured tank trailers in Omaha in conjunction with Fruehauf from 1933 to 1956. Independent Metal Products began producing tank trailers in Omaha in the late 1920s.

In 1994, LBT, Inc. chose to offer improved versions of a limited number of the highest quality and most durable trailer designs from the selection of models previously offered by Fruehauf. These models gained very favorable market acceptance and LBT was off and running.

Working Environment

LBT takes pride in being a distinguished corporation within our communities. We are very proud of our impeccable safety standards. Among several Community Service Awards we have also received the TTMA Plant Safety Award and the National Safety Council Award for health and safety program achievements. It is a great place to work!