The Toughest Tank...

The Toughest Tank in the Industry

Find Out Why....

At LBT, the ‘Toughest Tank’ term is more than just a motto, it is our guiding principle. It starts with the design. Our standard tank trailer designs are proven and rugged, with an impeccable track record for durability and dependability. The ‘Toughest Tank’ philosophy influences everything we do from the selection of materials and components to major production processes to assembly details to inspection and testing criteria.


We take pride in the fact that we have many employees with 30 to 40+ years of experience, a great asset for manufacturing tough tanks.


LBT is home to extremely talented craftsmen. The skill and commitment of these men and women guarantee that no detail of your tank will miss their attention. Our quality translates to more time on the road earning income and less time waiting to be repaired. Every component and every system on each tank is inspected and tested to rigorous standards that exceed the industry requirements.

After Sale Support

We have a complete After Market Sales Department to assist you with parts and service so you can keep your tank operating efficiently and safely for many years to come. Our high quality replacement parts will allow you to extend the life of your trailer well beyond the industry norm.


LBT tanks are built for longevity. The ‘Toughest Tank’ reputation enjoyed by LBT tanks is substantiated by the industry’s highest resale values in the secondary market, another distinct benefit for our customers. You truly do get “more tank for the money” with an LBT tank!


LBT tanks in standard service are covered by a three-year warranty on the vessel and all components manufactured by LBT. Should a problem ever arise, we pride ourselves in administering a prompt and equitable solution.